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We have been managing products for both the organizations we serve, as well as ourselves, for over 20 years.

Reimagined product transformation services implemented from experience.

Having worked on over 200 products across multiple verticals and industries, Mega Input has obtained a vast amount of experience.  We are able to assist organizations with defining a product strategy and working towards a solution.  Developing great products takes a partnership. Our team seeks to understand your business and then we choose the right technology to implement the product.   Your business has domain knowledge and our experts have the experience to bring it to life.  It’s just that simple.


Product Strategy

What is the "vision" for your product? Mega Input can assist your organization with creating developing a product strategy and creating a roadmaps.

Product Development

At Mega Input, we began developing product solutions in 2001. We have successfully, architected, developed and deployed solutions for organizations ranging from large enterprise to startups.

Product Management

We assist organizations with support for their product through its entire lifecycle, perform maintenance, and provide hosting services within a colocated, cloud or on-premise environment.

Customer Spotlight

STATE AGENCY Application allows for more Operational Efficiency

Mega Input assisted a State Agency by developing a web based application, with an API backend, that allowed both families to stay in communication with State Employees.

Interested in Product Transformation Services and how such Services can help your organization know more?

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