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You do not have to navigate the choosing of a cloud based contact center or unified communications platform alone.

Preparing for future technological innovation is where Mega Input excels.

The “New Normal” has forced businesses to adapt unlike any time before in our history.  Solutions that seemed like a good investment just a few short years ago are no longer viable.  PBX (legacy) phone systems can drown your profitability and on-premises contact center solutions can stifle your organizations ability to move with agility in these uncertain times.

The solutions to both of these challenges is a cloud hosted “as a Service” solution.  However, choosing the correct partner for your organization can be a time consuming task.  Thats where Mega Input Data Services can provide assistance.  Our experts have reviewed, tested, utilized, integrated, and deployed a variety of solutions.  Our objective approach allows us to assess your organizations goals and match them with the RIGHT solution the first time.

CCaaS (Contact/Call Center As A Service) is a managed cloud based solution that hosts you call center software in the cloud instead of on-premises.   CCaaS systems are maintained by the service provider and allows your business to focus on delivering quality experiences and interactions with your customers. 

UCaaS (Unified Communications As A Service) is a managed cloud based solution that helps businesses take full advantage of their ever growing and changing communications needs.  Being a cloud based solution, UCaaS systems are always up to date so there is never a need to worry about system upgrades as you would with a typical PBX solution. 

With a UCaaS solution, you can still utilize your current investments in phones, overhead paging systems, and headsets.


We being with an initial assessment of your organizational goals/objectives, match you with the correct provider, assist with account setup, and assist with coordinating the installation of the solution.

Custom Integrations

By working with a variety of CRM solutions, Mega Input can assist your organization with integrating your CCaaS or UCaaS solution to a variety of CRM's including Pericircle, ServiceNow, Salesforce and more.

Managed CC/UC

After the sale and integration of your UC/CCaaS solution, Mega Input can provide ongoing professional support services. We are provide maintenance and troubleshooting support, fully-managed help-desk support and training.

Customer Spotlight

FEDERAL SUPPLIER Establishing a Call Center from Scratch

A Federal Supplier sought the assistance of Mega Input to establish a new state-of-the-art call center on the east coast.

Interested in CC/UC Transformation Services and how such Services can help your organization know more?

Let’s talk about how Mega Input Data Services can help!